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Medical Cyberworlds Inc. (MCI) is a privately held Wisconsin C-corporation. Its uses its proprietary, cutting-edge technology to train people, assess skills, and certify competency in high-stakes interactions. In medicine, this involves crucial conversations between doctors and patients that can affect health, illness, and even mortality. But high-stakes interactions are not unique to medicine. At some point, lawyers, businesspeople, managers, hospitality workers, law-enforcement agents, military troops, and others will all have emotionally charged, high-stakes interactions where outcomes can have profound and lasting impacts. MCI’s software prepares users to succeed in crucial interactions.


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Although the US has the highest per capita healthcare expenditure in the world, the quality of medical care in the US is ranked 37th in the world (World Health Organization). One key cause is a failure of modern medical education. The Josiah H. Macy Foundation reports that U.S. medical schools excel at teaching facts and technical skills, but are seriously deficient in imparting key professional competencies such as patient-centeredness, cultural competency, interpersonal skills, and patient communication. A doctor’s inability to talk with patients can result in treatment failure, medical errors, needless hospitalization, preventable mortality, and malpractice lawsuits. Per the AMA, problems related to poor communication cost over $70B annually, and the human cost in lives lost exceeds the yearly death toll from AIDS, breast cancer and fatal motor vehicle accidents combined.

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MCI is still in the product development phase and makes use of various consultants with the expertise the company needs.

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MCI seeks to raise $3,350,000 in capital, approximately $850,000 of which will come from current and new, private investors. This will fund the development of MCI’s first, entry-level product and its deployment and testing at 3 beta sites (all medical schools). The end result will be a product that is ready for market in 2012.

MCI is currently working to forge beneficial relationships with the Milwaukee Institute (MKEI) and with Mason-Wells portfolio companies to enhance production efficiencies.  The company is also in negotiations with leading experts in high-quality performance capture and high-efficiency rendering of nuanced facial expressions.