Our patented, interactive, bi-directional technology platform teaches effective, empathic communication skills to healthcare professionals.



MCI’s first product, MPathic VR™, trains healthcare professionals to master crucial conversations with Virtual Human (VH) characters who express themselves in nuanced and highly believable ways. As learners talk with the VH characters, they are challenged to interpret their verbal and non-verbal communication and respond with effective strategies. In the background, MPathic- VR™ captures cognitive, verbal and nonverbal learner data (i.e., body language, facial expression).



These data inform real-time response of the VH characters, and drive detailed learner assessment, teaching and certification. MPathic-VR’s™ advanced, bi-directional interface delivers an experience that is immersive, and compelling. It provides more finely granular user assessment metrics than is possible with the current industry standard, human Standardized Patient Instructors (SPIs).


MCI’s technology is patented in the US and Canada. Two additional United States fast-track patent applications have been filed to capitalize on our early priority date (2006) and dominate later claims in virtual and augmented reality. MCI’s training software will be provided via the SaaS model. MCI is Wisconsin Act 255 certified for $2 million in tax credits.


Our Technology Addresses a Serious Medical Training Issue


Poor communication is strongly implicated as the major cause of preventable medical error, which claims an estimated 440,000 lives every year, and carries an annual financial cost of $735-$980 billion from treatment failures, needless hospitalizations, malpractice lawsuits, preventable deaths and other serious patient harm.


Communication also strongly influences patient experience scores, a key metric in determining HMO and Hospital Group reimbursements, which has significant financial impact on service providers. These problems stem from ineffective communication training.


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